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How much does an air
source heat pump
system cost?

Heat pump systems are becoming a popular choice for residential heating across the United Kingdom. Heat pumps are among the cleanest and best energy and cost efficient heating and cooling systems available today. However, cost is a prime motivator when choosing among the residential heating systems, it is therefore desirable to analyse the costs associated with heat pump systems installation and operation.

How much the ASHP installation will cost will depend on the following parameters:

1) How big your property is and kw of duty

Bigger houses with numerous people will produce a higher KW of duty, thus require a bigger system to be installed. Smaller properties with fewer people will produce a lower KW of duty, hence a lower kw heat pump system will need to be installed. For some properties which require a smaller kw system - the £5000 voucher will be enough to cover the cost.

2) Adequate insulation and EPC rating

If your property is calculated to have a higher EPC rating, meaning it is well insulated with adequate radiator sizing for the calculated heat output(higher efficiency) - then your home will be ready to just have the heat pump system installed. However, if your home is lacking in insulation(loft and cavity) and has older and inefficient radiators - these will need to be addressed first in order to ensure that the heat pump system works efficiently enough to heat your home. You will be advised if this is needed and the work for this will be added to your final cost.

3) What heat pump system you go for?

Certain heat pump systems are more expensive and efficient while others are economical, but still effective in providing heating and hot water. The final decision on which heat pump system you go with, will be your call, however, our engineers will advise you on the best models and KW heat pump system your property needs to fit your heating demands.

4) If you would like your heat pump system to cover heating only or heating, hot water and something else - the final cost will reflect this.

Our engineers will advise you of all the options you have and which one will be best for your heating needs. Every home is different with unique wants and needs. We recognise this and make sure to select the best system for you.

Typically air source heat pump installations can cost anywhere from £6000 to £18000. Considering you can receive up to £11,00 from the domestic renewable heat incentive(RHI) scheme for an air source heat pump system and save on fuel bills - the costs can definitely be worth the value they add to a home.

The cost of an ASHP by Boiler Pointer will be anywhere between £6000 to £20000. To get a quote for your property today call us on 01753 981 977.

The process:

  1. Initial home survey to take heat loss calculations, measurements etc
  2. A quote is provided for the best heat pump system for your property based on the kw of duty calculated
  3. Once approved - A deposit is set, and upon payment, parts can be ordered and date of installation can be sent
  4. Installation of radiators and insulation(if needed)
  5. Installation of your heat pump system - 2-5 days (varies home to home
  6. Once installed you can enjoy the benefits of having an air source heat pump heating your home efficiently
  7. Enjoy reduced energy bills and knowing you’re helping the environment with a more sustainable energy source.